Family Justice Program

SOAR Program

The SOAR program is a family justice program that works with ex-offfenders newly released from prison and those on community based orders to identify family strengths, productive behaviours and successful coping mechanisms to support the client reintegrate and comply with orders.  From this and a cultural needs assessment we work with clients to develop a personal case management plan and link them and support their engagement with other agencies.
S – support -  centrelink, attendance at appointments, advocacy with other agencies
O – occupation – education, training, employment, recreational activities
A – accomodation – community housing, ACT Govt housing assistance
R – reintegration and rehabilitation – mandated program attendance, rehabilitation contacts

 Strong Culture, Strong Families,Strong Children

This program reconnects fathers detained in the Alexander Maconachie Correctional Centre, and about to be released, with their children and partners through sharing culture .  Sessions are about connecting detainees with the positive aspects of Culture and reconnecting them with their partners and their children prior to release.

Parenting from Inside (new Program)

Grounded in cultural relevancy, we invite clients to take a deep dive into their own story, and the trauma, hurt and abandonment that often defines it. The program enables participants to surface the unexamined pain underneath their history, and begin to realize they can choose a healthier course for their own families.

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