About us

Tjillari Justice is a not for profit organisation started in 2014 to address the toxic stress and trauma children experience when they have a parent involved in the justice system. Our years of research and experience have shown that the way to address this trauma is to build on the cultural identity, skills and ability of the people who surround them. Based on this knowledge Tjillari Justice has moved to a Family Justice Model of service delivery.
We are self funded and raise revenue by designing, developing and delivering workshops to the Government and private sector and philanthropic grants.

Our Aim

Our aim is to break the cycle of inter-generational offending by supporting the development of strong cultural identities and positive family and community connections

Our Approach

Tjillari Justice Aboriginal Corporation’s services are based on the “Family Justice Model” which taps into the strengths of families and communities. By identifying family strengths, productive behaviours and successful coping mechanisms, we are able to develop a personal case management plan in partnership with our clients, their family members and community agencies.


The practices of Tjillari Justice are informed by a Board of Independent Professional Advisers.