We have a problem.

More than 80,000 children annually experience the trauma and stress of having a parent in the Australian justice system. Of these children, it is estimated that 70% go on to become juvenile offenders, and more than 85% of those who do will also become adult offenders.

The Productivity Commission estimates that Australian prisoners cost an average of $292 per day, in a system that costs the nation $2.6 billion (after expenses).

Early childhood intervention breaks this cycle

The NSW Standing Committee on Law and Justice (1999) found that one of the most effective forms of crime prevention is social support. When vulnerable children and families are given strategies to build executive functioning skills and personal resilience, their outcomes improve. This benefits individual children, their families and the community.

How we get involved

TJILLARI Justice works with vulnerable families to support the psychological, social and educational needs of children with a parent in the justice system. We empower parents, carers, foster parents, grandparents, teachers and members of the community with proven, neurologically-based therapeutic approaches designed to break the cycle of intergenerational offending.

We advocate for children’s rights and work with the community and with government agencies to ensure that The Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights is incorporated into policy and practice.

Our aim is to advocate on behalf of children, to represent them and their perspectives, and to advise on policy development and the implementation of positive strategies to make a substantial difference for children at risk.

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