Itís hard enough having an adult child in prison.

Itís even harder when youíre caring for your grandchildren.

Youíre doing all you can to offer your limited time, energy and financial support to help raise children who didnít ask for this trauma in their lives. Maybe youíve had to give up work. Perhaps youíre finding it difficult to access entitlements and thatís causing added stress.

And when children behave in ways you donít understand youíll notice that familiar sense of dread: What if the same thing happens again?

Youíll do anything you can to try to stop this pattern now. You want your grandchildren growing up to be healthy, responsible, motivated individuals.

Most of all, you need some help. Help in understanding and managing the behaviours you know arenít their fault. Help in breaking this cycleÖ

What we can do

Weíll help you understand the impact of a parentís incarceration on your grandchild or grandchildren. Weíll explain why youíre seeing certain behaviours and help you develop strategies to build your grandchildrenís resilience and teach them positive responses to stress and trauma.

You can enquire about our workshops here.