Parents, Carers & Foster Parents

You want the best for the children in your life.

When they’re exposed to the trauma of parental incarceration, you can find yourself at a loss to know how to cope. Toxic stress has a negative impact on the development of a child’s brain. Children can behave in ways you don’t understand. Ways that leave you at wits’ end, wishing there was something you could do or say to make a difference.

Your fear is that history will repeat itself.

You’re worried the kids will spiral into a parent’s cycle of offending and imprisonment. You’re scared your family will never dig itself out of this negative pattern the way you desperately wish it could.

Because these kids need more. They deserve more. They deserve a chance to build a better future for themselves. They just need to learn how…

At TJILLARI, we know that it’s the underlying causes of crime that need to be addressed. It’s the executive functioning skills (problem solving, sharing, being part of a group and more) that help young people deal well with the pressure in their lives.

When we’re able to work with children, early on, and assess the impact of trauma in their development… and when we choose a sequence of appropriate therapeutic, enrichment and educational activities for children, we can alter their future pathways.

It is possible to divert children from the road to offending. You can work together to brighten their opportunities.

How we help

We work with parents, carers and foster parents through our “Invisible Victims” program, offering workshops that help you:

  • Understand childhood trauma
  • Identify children’s behaviours and encourage them to discuss how they feel and act
  • Help children understand what parental incarceration means
  • Help develop safe ways for children to maintain a connection with an incarcerated parent

Find out about our workshops here.