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  • The effect of the incarceration of family members on children
  • Caring for a child whose parent is incarcerated
  • Teaching a child whose parent is incarcerated
  • Assisting children of arrested parents
  • The affect of domestic/family violence on children A workshop for Govt, community and family members
  • Our Kids get the Picture A workshop for people caring for children who have experienced domestic/family violence.

Essentially crimes committed by persons with an FASD are crimes where there are two victims the victims of pre-natal alcohol use and the third party victim of its consequences. Educating professionals within the Justice System will encourage them to take into consideration adaptive communication styles, and legal strategies to accommodate the limitations that result […]

This program is an opportunity for kinship, parents and adoptive parents who are caring for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Topics include: The impact of FASD FASD and behavior Guidelines for daily living Enquire about this program here Other Workshops Invisible Victims Program Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Programs Domestic/Family violence Program FASD and […]

We assist people working in organisations that deliver services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to develop cultural understanding and work effectively and sensitively. This popular program builds appreciation and cultural understanding. We can customize the content to address the wants, needs and goals of the organization and the learner. We keep your outcomes […]